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Built with a passion for perfection and performance

A RHIB Renaissance

OCEAN 1 Yachts is the brainchild of superyacht Captain Dean Maggio. Over his nearly 30 years of sailing and yachting experiences, he recognized there was a large gap in the yacht tender market. While many of yachting’s top RHIB models possessed good qualities, none of them addressed the full spectrum of requirements a luxury yacht program demanded.

After years of frustration, Dean decided to conceptualize his ideal yacht tender. Once his designs were finalized, he partnered with longtime friend and founder of Yellowfin Yachts, Wylie Nagler. Together they designed a tender combining all the attributes and luxuries Dean sought with the proven sportfish hull of a Yellowfin, and created the ultimate RHIB.

The Perfect Tender

Venturing into the world of yacht tender production

That concept became a reality and Yellowfin Custom Yacht Tenders was launched. With over a dozen 40’ models delivered, the custom yacht tender division was a success. However, it hindered the production times of Yellowfin’s core center console business. When faced with extending the RHIB delivery time to over 18 months, Dean knew it was time to start on his own. The two amicably parted ways and Dean launched his new line of yacht tenders called Ocean 1.

Dean brought his designs to his new facility in north Sarasota, hand-picked a skilled crew of craftsmen and began production of OCEAN 1 Yachts.

Our Founder

Dean Maggio

With nearly 30 years of sailing and yachting experience, Dean Maggio has spent much of his adult life at the helm of some of the most spectacular ships in the world. Growing up on a boat in Biscayne Bay certainly laid the foundation for his exciting career on the water. Since graduating from Maine Maritime Academy with an unlimited merchant marine license, his life has been an endless adventure ever since.

Professionally, the past 27 years have been spent racing world-class sailing yachts, and captaining a series of highly successful charter yachts. For more than a decade Dean has been the captain of the 170’ schooner Meteor. He was originally the ‘’build’’ captain for Meteor from inception in 2005, overseeing all aspects of the Dutch built vessel, until her launch in 2007.

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OCEAN 1 Featured in Southern Boating Magazine’s 29 Worthy Center Consoles
Press July 5, 2018

OCEAN 1 Featured in Southern Boating Magazine’s 29 Worthy Center Consoles